October 2012 – Even more QSC K Series Speakers.

Following the overwhelming popularity of the new 1000w powered K series speakers from QSC, in both Sales and Hire.

We have replaced our entire inventory of powered speakers with the same.

Audio Plus now hires the full range of K series in 8”,10”, 12” and the awesome K Sub and KW 181 in good quantity.

For more detail on these speakers follow the supplier link http://www.tag.com.au or come in for a demo and see what all the fuss is about.


15th January 2011 – Media Splitter.


The new Leon audio MS12 Mk II 12 channel Media splitter has landed and is available for immediate hire.


  • 12 isolated balanced outputs
  • Each channel fully adjustable from Microphone to Line level.
  • Front LED input Metering

More details at http://www.leonaudio.com.au/mediasplmk2.htm


21st November – LCD Truss Floor stands.

Beautifully presented truss style floor stand. Curved to place the center of gravity squarely over the supporting base.

These stands come complete with a custom universal bracket to suit most displays and will allow for both portrait and landscape mounting.

Look great as they are or throw an led light in for spectacular results. http://www.dq.com.au/Downloads/GT_Presentation_info.pdf